Election - Youth Straw Poll

On the weekend two of our younger volunteers took to the Croydon Streets to check out those under 21 who may or may not be voting. They managed to get comment from more than 150 youngsters with the emphasis on trying to talk to those who looked young enough to be first time voters.
The straw poll results were perhaps predictable in that over 50% said they were definitely not going to bother to vote and a further 32% who said they were still thinking about whether to vote or not. We asked why they were not keen to vote and the answer seemed the usual no confidence in any of the parties. Of those who said they were going to vote and said who they were going to vote for, a UKIP vote was the most popular choice with the Greens second. It could well be a UKIP/Greens vote, which could cost Gavin Barwell's Croydon Central seat. Perhaps Labour and the LibDems have more to worry about as none in our poll even hinted that would be where their vote was going.